Antinatalism and Moral Particularism

Paper by Gerald K. Harrison, published on 22.1.2019 in Pacific University Libraries

I believe most acts of human procreation are immoral, and I believe this despite also believing in the truth of moral particularism. In this paper I explain why. I argue that procreative acts possess numerous features that, in other contexts, seem typically to operate with negative moral valences. Other things being equal this gives us reason to believe they will operate negatively in the context of procreative acts as well.

On Risk‑Based Arguments for Anti‑natalism

Paper by Erik Magnusson, published on 02 March 2022 in The Journal of Value Inquiry

  1. It is impermissible to non-consensually impose a risk of catastrophic harm on others unless doing so is necessary to advance their essential interests
  2. Bringing a child into existence involves non-consensually imposing a risk of catastrophic harm on that child that is not necessary to advance their essential interests; therefore,
  3. It is impermissible to bring children into existence.