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2023Matti HäyryExit Duty Generator

Joona RäsänenShould vegans have children? Examining the links between animal ethics and antinatalism

2022Matti HäyryIf You Must Give Them a Gift, Then Give Them the Gift of Nonexistence

Ludwig RaalBetter never to have been in the wild: a case for weak wildlife antinatalism

David BenatarMisconceived: Why These Further Criticisms of Anti-natalism Fail

Oliver HallichDavid Benatarʼs Argument from Asymmetry: A Qualified Defence

Erik MagnussonOn Risk‑Based Arguments for Anti‑natalism

2021Jeroen Robbert ZandbergenMorality's Collapse: Antinatalism, Transhumanism and the Future of Humankind

Bartlomiej ChomanskiAnti-natalism and the Creation of Artificial Minds

Masahiro MoriokaWhat Is Antinatalism? Definition, History, and Categories

Anthony Ferrucci, Blake HerethHere’s not Looking at You, Kid: A new Defence of Anti-natalism

Jeroen Robbert ZandbergenWailing from the heights of velleity: A strong case for antinatalism in these trying times

2020Jeroen Robbert ZandbergenBetween Iron Skies and Copper Earth: Antinatalism and the Death of God

Johann FrickConditional Reasons and the Procreation Asymmetry

Trevor HedbergThe Environmental Impact of Overpopulation: The Ethics of Procreation

David BenatarFamine, Affluence, and Procreation: Peter Singer and Anti-Natalism Lite

2019Asheel SinghThe Hypothetical Consent Objection to Anti-Natalism

Gerald HarrisonAntinatalism and Moral Particularism

Kyle MykietiukThe Harm of Existence

2018Rehan Pieter VisserKeeping our eggs in earth's basket: the anti-natalist case against space colonisation

Brian ZagerBorn under a bad sign: On the dark rhetoric of antinatalism

2017Sayma H. Chowdhury, Todd K. ShackelfordTo Breed or Not to Breed?: an Antinatalist Answer to the Question of Animal Welfare

2016Gerald Harrison, Julia TannerHow Many Children Should We Have? None

Tina RulliThe Ethics of Procreation and Adoption

Heiko PulsKant’s Justification of Parental Duties

Joseph LevyThe Problem of Existence

2015David BenatarThe Misanthropic Argument for Anti-natalism

David Benatar, David WassermanDebating Procreation: Is It Wrong to Reproduce?

2013Stuart RachelsThe Immorality of Having Children

Asheel SinghAssessing anti-natalism: a philosophical examination of the morality of procreation

2012David BenatarStill Better Never to Have Been: A Reply to (More of) My Critics

Jimmy Alfonso LiconThe Immorality of Procreation

Ben BradleyAsymmetries in Benefiting, Harming and Creating

Jeff McMahanCausing People to Exist and Saving People’s Lives

David DeGraziaCreation Ethics: Reproduction, Genetics, and Quality of Life

Gerald HarrisonAntinatalism, Asymmetry, and an Ethic of Prima Facie Duties

David BenatarEvery Conceivable Harm: A Further Defence of Anti-Natalism

Christopher BelshawA New Argument for Anti-Natalism

Asheel SinghFurthering the Case for Anti-natalism: Seana Shiffrin and the Limits of Permissible Harm

Christine OverallWhy Have Children?: The Ethical Debate

2011Julio CabreraQuality of Human Life and Non-existence: Some criticisms of David Benatar’s formal and material positions

Manolito GallegosThe Negative Ontology of Happiness: a Schopenhauerian Argument

Manolito GallegosProblems And Solutions For A Hypothetical Right Not To Exist

2010Gerald Harrison, Julia TannerBetter Not to Have Children

2008Marc LarockPossible Preferences and the Harm of Existence

2007Len DoyalIs human existence worth its consequent harm?

2006David BenatarBetter Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence

2005Matti HäyryThe rational cure for prereproductive stress syndrome revisited

2004Matti HäyryA Rational Cure for Prereproductive Stress Syndrome

2000David BenatarThe Wrong of Wrongful Life

1999Seana ShiffrinWrongful Life, Procreative Responsibility, and the Significance of Harm

1998Christoph FehigeA Pareto Principle for Possible People

1997David BenatarWhy It Is Better Never to Come into Existence

1971Hermann VetterUtilitarianism and New Generations

1969Hermann VetterThe production of children as a problem of utilitarian ethics